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CCTV Systems

Wolf Security (N.W.) Ltd provides high quality cost effective solutions to all your CCTV surveillance requirements throughout the north west of england. We install and maintain your requirements from simple fixed camera systems to fully functional pan / tilt / zoom camera systems which can be controlled both on site, and remotely on the customer's PC via broadband, or at our 24 hour CCTV Monitoring Station. All of our systems can be accessed a smart phone / laptop allowing you to view your CCTV system on the go.


IP CCTV Systems.


Image Resolution – The fact is that there are simply no better cameras on the market than IP CCTV cameras. Far better than analogue systems and offering better image resolution than HD cameras, if you want crisp and clear CCTV pictures then IP cameras are the way to go.

  • Ease of Installation – Despite being the most hi-tech cameras on the market, IP CCTV cameras are no more difficult to install than HD or analogue cameras. In fact, most of them these days are plug and play but for insurance purposes and to ensure they are working properly, we recommend that you do use a qualified and experienced CCTV installer to ensure everything is working properly.
  • Analytics – The potential of IP cameras is fantastic, and if you are prepared to invest the money, there is a range of analytical software out there that can provide facial recognition and other interesting and useful features. This makes IP closed circuit television cameras very flexible in terms of the technology they can exploit.
  • Future Proof – As the most advanced cameras on the market, if you wish to future proof yourself as much as possible, then IP CCTV cameras are the only choice as these systems can ‘grow’ with your needs as time goes on. Whilst they may be more expensive than HD and analogue cameras, this future proofing actually makes them a very cost effective choice of CCTV camera in the long term.



Archiving of images for Police etc

The digital video recorder includes a DVD writer and USB port to enable download of image events for Police purposes etc.


Remote monitoring of your CCTV system

Many organisations spend a lot of money on installing CCTV systems and then fail to put them to good use by not having them monitored properly.  In house monitoring can be very difficult and expensive and therefore it is often neglected at crucial times. In these days when offenders wear hoods over their face and other disguises to protect their identity, going back to view historical images, when the intruder or offender has gone is often of little use. 

If your objective is to prevent damage and the loss of assets then you need to ensure you can take action at the time that intruders who are about to attack your premises. This can only happen with live remote (off site) monitoring.  Intruders can be seen approaching the premises and immediate action can be taken to warn them off by tannoy before they get into the premises, or deter them from staying there or alternatively getting an emergency response that would attend to provide damage limitation and positive action to protect your assets.  Incidents normally occur when you are not there. With movement detectors we will know when intruders are on your site.  We can also carry out regular virtual camera patrols to scan you property

Many organisations spend a lot of money on installing CCTV systems and then fail to put them to good use by not having them monitored properly.